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What we have done lately? Here are some details on what on going and finished projects we have been involved with.

Sullivan Creek Fish Hatchery

New construction of a federal fish egg incubation building in Brimley, MI . This project is located in the Upper Peninsula  of Michigan.

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Busch's Market

Renovation/Redesign of an old Farmer’s Jack grocery store, that will become the new Bush’s Market for Canton, MI.

United States Postal Service Call Center Troy, MI

Renovated the Troy, MI USPS distribution center into a new call center with new all new cubicles, telecommunications hardware, offices, and redesigned layout.

COBO Center

Renovated parking garage with all new Drywall, and Acoustical Ceiling, and walk down entrance to garage from convention area within the building.

Wayne State University

Wayne State is always at the cutting edge of leading innovation , which has given us the opportunity to assist them with some interior renovations. We look forward to working with them again in the near future!
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